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Standing Up With Lower Limb Loss

Apr 21, 2023 |

Learning how to walk with a prosthesis can be understandably challenging at first. But don’t give up. Once you master this new way of moving, it can restore a level of freedom and a greater sense of independence. As a bilateral above-knee amputee, Rome Leykin has had to adjust to balancing himself on two prostheses. Watch the video as Rome demonstrates the techniques he uses for standing up unassisted and standing up with wall assistance. “Going to the gym trains your body to, No. 1, get used to that work, and all of a sudden what used to be super hard for you now is actually getting easier and easier,” Rome shared. 

We hope you find these exercises and tips helpful as you practice and regain confidence. Also, we encourage you to share this educational video with a friend! 

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