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Recruiting Participants for Upper Limb Loss Research

Apr 11, 2024 |

Young woman with prosthetic hand on her laptop

What is the study all about?  Information from surveys and interviews collected from different prosthetic users can help clinicians understand what is most important to prosthesis users and guide prosthetic developers to design or improve prosthetic devices that can better suit users’ needs. We hope to include up to 120 participants. 

Why is this study important? Better understanding the critical factors associated with outcome acceptance following upper limb loss and the psychosocial experience will enable clinicians and researchers to evaluate and predict patient outcomes following limb loss based on user priorities and to design interventions that improve outcomes. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Age 18 years or older 
  • Upper limb loss 
  • Must be a current or past user of an upper limb prosthesis 

What is required to participate? If enrolled, the interview or survey will take place either by telephone or may be completed online. Study participation will involve one to two phone calls. Study activities via the phone may take about 2 hours. 

Is there compensation? All participants will receive compensation for their time. 

What happens next? For more information and to determine if you are eligible, please contact the Study Coordinator, Melissa Schmitt at 216-791-3800 x63801 or

Help spread the word! Do you know someone else uses an upper limb prosthesis? Please ask them to participate too! 

To learn more about this study or to browse other research studies that you can join, please visit our Volunteer Research Opportunities webpage.