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Recruiting Participants for Lower Limb Loss Research

May 23, 2024 |

What is the study all about?

Researchers at the Cleveland VA Medical Center invite you to participate in research to advance lower limb prosthetic technology. This research will explore the three focus areas of sensation, movement/control, and residual limb health.

This research will investigate a novel technology that allows you to feel the ground with your prosthesis, providing sensation as if it were coming from your missing foot. This is achieved through tiny electrodes implanted in your residual limb. As pressure is applied along the bottom of the prosthetic shoe, these electrodes stimulate the nerves, producing the feeling of your foot again. Coupled with this sensory technology is the development of a novel prosthesis controlled by the user’s own muscle activity. This is achieved by implanting small recording electrodes into select muscles in the residual limb which would drive the movement of the prosthetic componentry. An outcome of this research will yield information about how this nerve stimulation can affect the health of the residual limb, crucial for those with conditions like diabetes or neuropathy.

Why is this study important?

By restoring sensation from the amputated foot and providing individuals with intuitive control of their prosthesis, we can test if this technology can improve balance, enhance function, and reduce fall risk.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age 18 years or older
  • Lower limb loss
  • Must be a current or potential user of a lower limb prosthesis for walking

What is required to participate?

If enrolled, participants must travel to the Cleveland VA Medical Center at least once every 1-2 months to complete various tests which could include balance and walking assessments, reports on perceived sensations, and various functional tasks.

Is there compensation? Participants are compensated for their time and travel expenses.

What happens next? For more information and to determine if you are eligible, please contact the Study Coordinator, Aarika Sheehan, PT, DPT at 216-791-3800 x65832 or

Help spread the word! Do you know someone else uses a lower limb prosthesis? Please ask them to participate too!

To learn more about this study or to browse other research studies that you can join, please visit our Volunteer Research Opportunities webpage.