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Prevention Outreach for Unhoused Communities

Sep 7, 2022 |

At the 2022 National Conference, Laduan Smedley shared a wealth of information about how technology can help provide patients greater access to the community organizations designed to help them. His organization – Limb Care Foundation (LCF) – while small, is mighty and does work around this.

The limb loss and limb difference community is currently underserved. By bridging these gaps, LCF helps promote better referral tracking, support with screening and decision-making, and assistance with specialty provider coordination; all of which result in better outcomes and quality of life. But LCF does more.

During his presentation, Laduan shed light on another underserved population and what they are doing the help: unhoused communities and their need for preventive outreach.

This population is very susceptible to amputations that could largely be avoided with proper care and preventative measures. Providing over-the-counter medical equipment and supplies to promote limb awareness and health may seem simple, but these efforts can make a big impact and help someone avoid undergoing an amputation.

This is also something replicable by others.

  • Care Tips – Simple, laminated card stock, with prevention tips from Amputee Coalition.
  • Thick socks – Keeping extremities dry and warm is important when shelter is uncertain.
  • Mirror – it’s easy to ignore a problem you don’t see until it gets too late.
  • Bandages – Band-Aids, gauze, soap, alcohol wipes, rubber gloves. All helpful, when caring for a wound.