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Practicing a Mindful Moment Before Meetings

May 8, 2023 |

Reprinted with permission from Ailm Medical

For many of us, meetings are a source of discomfort. Whether you view meetings as stressful or pointless, practicing mindfulness before (and during) them can significantly enhance the meeting — for both you and the other participants.

Practicing mindfulness for a few minutes before each meeting can help you approach it with a clear head and a sense of purpose. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment without judging or becoming distracted.

When we practice mindfulness, we are able to concentrate on the task at hand rather than becoming preoccupied with our thoughts and emotions.

The next time you’re in charge of a meeting, try beginning it with a mindful moment exercise, concentrating on breath, and perhaps asking participants to visualize setting aside unrelated thoughts, concerns, and emotions. Prior to starting the meeting, the attendees will have the opportunity for a “fresh start,” letting go of whatever just transpired in their day (a difficult commute, an IT problem, a distracting email, etc.).

Offer your team the opportunity to press “reset” with one minute of mindful breathing, and they will approach the task at hand with a refreshed mindset.

What is a mindful moment?

A mindful moment is a brief pause during which we mindfully focus on the present. It is a time to take a deep inhale, tune out distractions, and assess ourselves. A mindful instant can last anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes. During this time, we can observe our thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in them, and we can set an intention for how we will approach the following meeting.

A mindful moment prior to a meeting can be an excellent method to set a positive and productive tone for the discussion.

Kick off our next meeting with these steps:

Explain what a mindful moment is and why it can be advantageous for the team. Emphasize that this is an opportunity to cleanse the mind and set an intention for the upcoming meeting.

Encourage everyone to relax and get comfortable, whether they are seated or standing. You could suggest that they close their eyes or keep them open, depending on what they prefer.

Instruct the group to inhale deeply through the nostrils and exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat this several times, allowing the breath to serve as a present-moment anchor.

Encourage the team to take a moment to assess their own well-being. Request that they take note of their physical and emotional states. Are they experiencing tension or calmness? Anxious or tranquil?

Set an objective: Invite the team to consider what they hope to accomplish in the impending meeting. What are their desired contributions? How do they wish to appear? Request that they imagine being productive and involved during the discussion.

When everyone is ready, request that they open their eyes and commence the meeting with a sense of concentration and purpose.

Are you looking to bring more mindfulness and wellbeing to your meetings and events? Ailm Medical focuses on mental health by providing mindfulness workshops, health and wellness training, webinars, and online training.

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