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Opportunity Awaits You With the Workforce Development Program

Apr 24, 2023 |

FedEx, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Kohl’s, Walgreens, Red Lobster, Goodwill of Colorado, Skechers, and the Amputee Coalition. 

Restaurant manager, CDL driver, transportista de combustible, part-time retail sales associate, customer service parcel specialist, overnight customer service, cashier, and resource and referral specialist. 

This is just a small sample of the employers and positions listed on the Amputee Coalition’s new job board platform as part of the Workforce Development Program. Building qualified professionals is our priority. 

Workforce Development Manager Trenaya Reid gave an introduction to all the new things going on in a webinar last week: Breaking Into Workforce Development. It was the third of four webinars during the virtual Advocacy Forum to mark Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. 

The final one, Finding Your Voice: Career Pathways Workshop, will be at 4 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. Amputee Coalition Director of Community Engagement Lucas DeLuca and Government Relations Specialist Ryan Geddie will join Trenaya to talk about their personal journeys of having a disability in the workplace. 

“Within the Workforce Development Program, we also assist with finding a job that’s suitable for you long term,” Trenaya said. 

“We want you to be prepared. When you’re having these conversations with employers or you’re going into applying for jobs, knowing the process and being prepared to make your transition into employment smoother.” 

The Workforce Development Program assists adults, and veterans in the limb loss and limb difference community with career exploration, transitioning back into the workforce, or beginning their career journeys. 

There is a special component designed for members of the Youth Engagement Program which assists youth ages 15-17. 

“I’m super excited about this program because this program is going to allow those who are in high school to be able to have internships and summer job opportunities even before they’re leaving high school,” Trenaya said. “So, once they graduate high school, they’re going to be prepared and have work experience under their belt.” 

Looking for a job, whether it’s for the first time or as part of your career resumption, is stressful and confusing. Having a limb loss or limb difference only adds to the challenges. 

The Workforce Development program helps on all fronts. Its services include: 

  • Assistance with resume and cover letter writing 
  • One-on-one career development meetings 
  • Fact sheets 
  • Webinars 
  • Job board 

“The great thing about our job board platform is that our internships and opportunities that we have on there are from employers and organizations that collaborate with our Workforce Development Program,” Trenaya said. 

“These are employers that know that they can come to our job board platform and that they’re going to be able to find qualified participants that are interested in their job leads.” 

Prerequisites for the program include attending training sessions, creating a LinkedIn profile, and setting up a profile on the job board. You can register here. 

If you’re looking to get to work, or get back to work, the Workforce Development Program is an excellent place to start. It will allow you to Elevate Your Potential.