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National Limb Loss Resource Center® included in President’s FY 2021 Budget

Feb 26, 2020 |

Thanks to many years of hard work by the Amputee Coalition and its advocates, the President’s budget for fiscal year 2021 includes $4 million for the National Limb Loss Resource Center® (NLLRC®). The budget, released on February 10th, does not carry the weight of law but it does express to the Congress the priorities of the Administration. This is the first time that this Administration has included NLLRC® in its budget.

In years when the Administration has not included the NLLRC®, the Amputee Coalition and its amazing advocates have worked to restore funding through the federal appropriations process. Without Congressionally appropriated funds, the NLLRC® would cease to exist and the two million Americans living with limb loss and limb difference would lose critical services.

After significant dialogue, we are pleased that the Administration has prioritized funding to support the community through the NLLRC®. We are grateful that the Administration acknowledges the value of the NLLRC® and that the ongoing efforts to educate the Administration and members of Congress about the services, supports, and reach the NLLRC® provides.

This year, the Amputee Coalition will continue to work with its advocates and champions on Capitol Hill to protect and increase funding for the NLLRC®. To learn more and get engaged on federal and state issues, please sign up to become an Amputee Coalition advocate on our website at