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National Health Council Releases COVID-19 Vaccine Research Brief and Infographic

Jul 10, 2023 |

Vaccinations are a major accomplishment of the 20th century. As we turn the corner on COVID-19, we continue to live the realities of infection and mortality rates among the most vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the inadequacy of the health care system to respond to public health emergencies of this magnitude. Challenges arose in ensuring immunity for high-risk and chronic disease patients. We also learned that with the evolving research, public health information was produced too quickly for patients to conduct informed decisions, leading to public distrust.

To alleviate these challenges and in preparation for Fall/Winter seasons, the National Health Council (NHC) has released a research brief titled, Understanding COVID-19 Technology and Vaccine Hesitancy among Patients with Chronic Disease. The NHC is also proud to unveil an accompanied interactive infographic that features key elements of the brief.

You can view the interactive infographic at the NHC’s website and download the research brief here.