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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

Jul 13, 2023 |

Sarcoma Awareness Moth

Established in 2008, Sarcoma Awareness Month is commemorated every July and represented by a yellow ribbon. This important awareness month plays a vital role in providing knowledge about early symptoms that aid in diagnosing the condition at an early stage and increase the chances of successful treatment. 

Sarcoma is a rare group of cancers in which malignant cells form in the bones or soft tissues of the body. This cancer can be found in any part of the body and form in fat, muscle, blood vessels, nerves, bone, tendons, cartilage, and around joints.  

Because not much is known about sarcomas, the theme for 2023 is “Let’s Talk About the Forgotten Cancer.” Sarcoma Awareness Month is an opportunity to pay tribute to those affected by Sarcoma and to advocate for the needs of those living with the condition. Get involved this month by accessing the Sarcoma Foundation of America’s social media kit and participating in upcoming events to show your support.