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Join us in Celebrating Older Americans Month!

May 5, 2023 |

Led by the Administration for Community Living, May is recognized as Older Americans Month (OAM). This year, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of OAM and challenge the narrative on aging. Older Americans Month is a time to celebrate and honor the valuable contributions of our aging population. With the theme of “Aging Unbound” in 2023, we recognize the incredible strengths that come with age: wisdom, experience, and resilience, along with a sense of community and belonging. Through this month’s priorities of combatting stereotypes and exploring diverse aging experiences, we can break down barriers and foster greater understanding and appreciation for older adults’ experiences and perspectives. By celebrating the diversity and vitality of older Americans, we can promote a more inclusive and respectful society for people of all ages. 

To make this celebration even more impactful, the Administration for Community Living has provided a toolkit that includes logos, posters, social media graphics, activity ideas, and proclamation templates.  

Here are ways we can all participate in Aging Unbound: 

  • Embrace the opportunity to change. Find a new passion, go on an adventure, and push boundaries by not letting age define your limits. Invite creativity and purpose into your life by trying new activities in your community to bring in more growth, joy, and energy. 
  • Explore the rewards of growing older. With age comes knowledge, which provides insight and confidence to understand and experience the world more deeply. Continue to grow that knowledge through reading, listening, classes, and creative activities. 
  • Stay engaged in your community. Everyone benefits when everyone is connected and involved. Stay active by volunteering, working, mentoring, participating in social clubs, and taking part in activities at your local senior center or elsewhere in the community. 
  • Form relationships. As an essential ingredient of well-being, relationships can enhance your quality of life by introducing new ideas and unique perspectives. Invest time with people to discover deeper connections with family, friends, and community members. 

During Older Americans Month, we can raise awareness of the challenges faced by older adults, such as social isolation, ageism, and access to healthcare. By recognizing their contributions and promoting policies and programs that support their well-being, we can work toward creating strong, vibrant, and inclusive communities for people of all ages. 

Let’s join together to celebrate the unique strengths of our aging population and honor its vital role in our communities. Show your support and appreciation for older Americans during this important month, and let’s work toward creating a brighter future for all.