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Inclusive Gift Ideas Help You Support People with Disabilities

Dec 12, 2022 |

Creatively wrapped and decorated christmas presents in boxes on wooden background.Top view from above. Flat lay.Your holiday gift list is more than a collection of boxes to check. It is best to give presents that are meant specifically for the recipient to show you know who they are and you care about them. 

With that in mind, the Washington Post has published a gift guide for people with a range of disabilities and chronic illnesses. It includes selections meant for people with limb loss or limb difference. 

Amputee teddy bear ($70): The Amputee Coalition partnered with Vermont Teddy Bear to design customizable bears that will allow children to see themselves reflected in a toy. The Amputee Coalition receives 20 percent of every sale. 

Sleeve cover for a prosthetic leg ($27 and up): Kurt Pauloz, a prosthetist who is an amputee, founded Fred’s Legs more than 20 years ago. You can order sleeves in specific sizes to match prostheses, and they come in decorative patterns that allow for self-expression. 

Decorative stickers ($13.99-$17): A couple of companies offer other options to customize mobility aids. Crip Riot sells a Disability Is Diversity pack of stickers, and Harboreal Art offers stickers with floral designs for crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.  

Wheelchair bag ($90): You can attach a bag from Ffora to the side of a wheelchair. This is a convenience because otherwise people who use wheelchairs must carry what they need in their lap. Other attachments are available. 

Seamless back jeans ($125): Jeans for women from IZ Adaptive are designed with no seams in the back to allow someone in a wheelchair to put them on easily and sit in comfort for the rest of the day. The company has a full product line of adaptive clothing.