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How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume in 6 Easy Steps

Jan 8, 2024 |


Crafting an ATS-friendly resume is crucial in today’s competitive job market, where automated systems filter through countless applications. The SMB Guide’s insightful breakdown of this process into six easy steps ensures that your resume stands out, increasing your chances of securing an interview.

With the prevalence of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), it’s imperative to understand how these systems operate. This guide explains that nearly 75% of companies utilize ATS to manage applications, emphasizing the significance of tailoring your resume to meet ATS criteria. By incorporating key details such as contact information, job titles, and education history, you enhance your resume’s visibility to potential employers.

The SMB Guide delves into practical strategies for creating an ATS-friendly resume. From selecting the correct resume format to incorporating relevant keywords, each step is meticulously outlined to optimize your resume’s effectiveness. By adhering to Donny’s advice, you’ll not only navigate ATS seamlessly but also present a compelling narrative of your skills and experiences, ultimately propelling you closer to your dream job.

The Amputee Coalition also has a factsheet on resume and cover letter resources through Resume Builder.