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Get Involved in Research in the New Year!

Dec 19, 2023 |

There are countless ongoing research efforts aimed at recruiting participants like you! The intent of adding a section for research-related topics to our Thrive Newsletter is to keep you informed on the research impacting you. We aim to make it easier for you to find research opportunities to participate in and stay informed about any recently published research that may be applicable to your healthcare decision-making. You can also browse our webpage of Volunteer Research Opportunities anytime to find current studies that you can enroll in and surveys that you may wish to complete. 

Why your participation matters. 

Being actively involved and informed about research can help you make informed decisions regarding your healthcare with a better understanding of the treatment options available to you. We believe you should be in the driver’s seat of your own healthcare, not solely dependent on the “experts” to make the decisions for you.  

Your participation is critical to advancing technological innovations as well, because your perspective is needed to help identify the real issues experienced daily by people with limb loss or limb difference. Your feedback is key to guiding scientists and researchers towards finding the solutions that really work. 

How are we committed to equity? 

As research partners, we must collectively commit to recruiting a representative sample of participants and reduce the barriers to participation to end the historical underrepresentation of certain members within our community. We will continue to deploy strategies to expand our outreach to our members that reside in rural and remote communities so that their input can be received. 

Stay tuned for updates regarding our new Research Partnerships in the year 2024! We welcome your suggestions and feedback via