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Focus on Being Consistent in 2023

Jan 18, 2023 |

Reprinted with permission from AILM Medical

AILM Medical logoEven after all of the ups and downs, twists and turns of the previous years due to the pandemic and lockdowns, 2022 turned out to be a fantastic year. Our team at Ailm Medical is excited to enter 2023 with passion and purpose, and continue to grow and provide our clients with top-tier concierge health management services.

One thing we strive for in our business is consistency. It’s a key value for our team. Instead of the tradition of listing out new year’s resolutions, our goal is to choose consistency throughout the year.

Why is consistency so important in both your personal and professional lives? Consistency can help us more easily cut through the noise in a world where self-control and self-discipline are required. The biggest thing consistency can give you is the way people view you, the opinions they have of you, and their desire to be with you or work with you.

Show up every time: When you show up consistently every single time, you can establish yourself as a person or business who is reliable and build your brand reputation and the experience you bring to your clients.

Be responsible for every action: When you act regularly, you perform the same tasks practically every day. It then becomes easier to recognize and acknowledge where you miss a step and make a course correction.

Be trustworthy: Being consistent in our daily lives helps us gain the trust of others. When you “walk the talk” you will be seen as trustworthy and dependable. People will believe in you. It can increase our relevance and improve our reputation for a track record of success.

Self discipline is key: Being consistent can be difficult because it takes self control and discipline and being persistent. Consistency in practice reinforces discipline, sharpens our attention, and increases our awareness of what needs to be done.

Small steps lead to big results: Like with most things, becoming consistent is not a sprint, its a marathon. You can’t expect changes to happen overnight in your business or how you carry yourself. The little things you do every day are what matter and allow you to build momentum—and momentum produces results.

The consistency with which we conduct ourselves in all aspects of our lives can mean the difference between success and failure. Consistent behavior can be difficult because it can feel monotonous and repetitive. It also requires knowing what needs to be done and setting a viable strategy to get it done. Make a plan for yourself. Set Goals. Get an organizer. Create reminders. Try to be persistent while remaining realistic. It’s okay if you make a mistake, just keep going. It’s really just a matter of changing your daily rituals, one at a time, little by little.