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ARTICLE SPOTLIGHT: The Ideal Physical Therapist from the Perspective of Individuals with Limb Loss

Feb 15, 2024 |

Corresponding Author: Daniel J. Lee, PhD
Department of Physical Therapy, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, USA.

People with limb loss require specialized care to maximize their functional capabilities and overcome barriers to participating in the community to their desired level. Physical therapy (PT) is considered standard care for those with limb loss and the physical therapist is a key member of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team. Prior to this study, it was unknown what traits, behaviors, and characteristics a person with limb loss desires in their physical therapist.

This study was conducted to understand which of these elements define an ideal physical therapist, and to what degree the geographical, financial, or individual factors impact a patient’s experience. The perspectives of the individuals with limb loss who participated in this study were collected through surveys and interviews. By reviewing these responses, the authors of this study have concluded that an ideal physical therapist must be collaborative with the prosthetist, the person with limb loss, and be specialized in their knowledge to provide high-quality care.

The full research publication is available for free online at the Canadian Prosthetics & Orthotics Journal.

Link to Full Article Here

Article Citation
Lee D.J, Gambale A, Nisani M, Miller C, Leung E, Rodgers M, et al. The ideal physical therapist from the perspective of individuals with limb loss. Canadian Prosthetics & Orthotics Journal. 2023; Volume 6, Issue 1, No.4.