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Amputee Center Inspires Basketball Team

Jan 9, 2023 |

As the center on the junior varsity basketball team at Richlands High School in Virginia, Luke Bostic contributes more than points and rebounds.

WVVA TV, an NBC affiliate, tells the story of the sophomore, who was injured by a lawnmower when he was 6 years old. It led to the amputation of Bostic’s left leg. He plays basketball with a prosthetic device, and his determination to excel does not go unnoticed by fellow members of the Blue Tornado.

“I would explain Luke as an inspiration,” Richlands coach Darrell Wess says. “A motivated individual who’s willing to push himself, and I think he sets the standard for the other players on the team. When they see an individual who’s overcome his obstacles throughout his life and he’s out here every day pushing through those, working hard. You know, not giving up.”

Although he provides this inspiration, the other players don’t view him differently, Bostic says. That has been a constant among teammates.

“Even when I was in middle school,” he says. “I like all the teams. I like this team too. I like my coaches too. They keep pushing me in practice and in games. They treat me as good as gold.”

The Richlands community has been involved as well. Bostic recently started playing with a new prosthetic device that has helped him become a better player.

People in the community helped to pay for it.

“He came in here to practice and was able to perform at a little higher level,” Wess says. “His confidence was high. I mean, I think it’s something that just picks the whole team up and everyone’s willing to kind of push themselves a little further seeing a guy like that.”