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Access Our Website Resources in Over 40 Languages

Apr 28, 2023 |

Because people representing every demographic all around the world are part of the limb loss and limb difference community, improving accessibility and usability are top priorities of the Amputee Coalition. Our goal is to connect with and provide information to as many people as possible, and our newly added accessibility feature is helping to break down the language barrier!

When you visit our website,, in the bottom right corner of every webpage you will see an accessibility menu button that was added in January 2023. You can also access it at anytime by entering CTRL+U. Powered by UserWay, this live website translation service instantly translates the website into 40+ languages to make it more accessible for non-native speakers, people with language acquisition difficulties, and people with learning disabilities. 

Accessibility profiles are also options to improve the experience for users who have color-blindness, epilepsy, or dyslexia. You can customize a variety of settings in the widget to fit your needs. 

Since this feature was implemented on the website, 21 users have used the service and 97 webpages have been translated, with 91.75% of the language translation in Spanish. 

Additionally for our Spanish speakers, the National Limb Loss Resource Center has a dedicated page of Spanish-language resources and is focused on making resources available in multiple languages. 

While expanding our language resources will be an ongoing effort, we recognize how important and necessary it is to the core of our mission. We invite you to take advantage of these tools and share the capabilities with others who may benefit!