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AC Connect: Your Source for Meaningful Community Connection

Aug 3, 2023 |

Perhaps you are a new amputee, and you don’t know anyone else who looks like you. Maybe you have questions about a particular prosthetic device and want to get some unfiltered feedback from others who use it. Maybe you just want to see if anyone else has a solution that might work for you. No matter what your reason for joining, AC Connect is beneficial for everyone at any stage of their journey living with limb loss or limb difference. And the best part? It instantly connects you with people all over the country and even internationally who understand your challenges and lifestyle better than anyone else. 

If you haven’t taken advantage of AC Connect yet, we encourage you to join over 1,000 users and growing who are on the platform. Chime in on a discussion thread or start your own in any of our online communities.  

AC Connect is also a great tool for sharing resources and advice that could be helpful to others. If you’ve got a great life hack or tip? Share it with the group! Easily search for and network with community members for support and suggestions as you navigate your individual journeys.  

Currently our advocacy community has elicited the largest and liveliest discussion with 1.5K total posts to date. Keep up to date on relevant topics and provide feedback from personal experiences on issues impacting our community. 

To get started first make sure you are registered as an Amputee Coalition community member to activate your free AC Connect profile. View frequently asked questions and a video tutorial here. 

Access a community right at your fingertips with AC Connect! We look forward to connecting with you virtually!