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AC News Flash Featuring Divine Favour Akinbobola!

Feb 22, 2024 |

In this episode of the AC News Flash, we spotlight the remarkable Divine Favour Akinbobola! Divine graces us with her presence as a Youth Engagement Program (YEP) ambassador and guest contributor for inMotion Magazine. She shares her experiences as a first-year college student navigating the illustrious Texas A&M University halls.

Divine fearlessly confronts the challenges of adapting to college life while overcoming the hurdles her disability presents. Her story is a testament to resilience and determination in adversity. She continues to pursue her dreams with unwavering resolve. She is seizing the incredible opportunity to spearhead an organization dedicated to championing individuals with disabilities in sports. Her boundless enthusiasm reverberates through the youth community, igniting sparks of empowerment and inclusivity for generations to come.

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