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You Can Change the World Through Advocacy

Apr 7, 2023 |

We have accomplished a lot, but more work needs to be done to serve our community’s needs and make the world truly accessible for all. This is why ongoing advocacy is pivotal. Improvements are necessary in all facets of life, from public spaces and infrastructure to conversations and job opportunities. Together, we can make the world safer for and more inclusive of amputees. 

“I’m a lead advocate also,” shared Vala Hallgrimson, a sepsis survivor. “Learning and being able to pass that information on to hospitals and doctors about the Amputee Coalition so they can pass it on to their patients is important.” The Amputee Coalition wants to empower you with the tools to be an advocate not only for the community but for yourself. Watch the video to hear from community members just like you about how they are leveraging the power of advocacy through AC programs. 

Another way you can get involved immediately is by registering for our Advocacy Forum Virtual Workshops held every Wednesday during Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. Next week on April 12, John Register will speak on the ‘Power of Personal Narrative – Connecting Your Personal Story To Your Advocacy Work.’ Learn how to tell your unique story in a powerful way that ignites actionable change for yourself and the community. Register below and view the full advocacy webinar lineup here. 

Head to our Advocacy & Awareness webpage to learn more about what you can do, including how to become a lead advocate. Are you connected? Become a community member by joining the Amputee Coalition today!