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Sepsis Awareness Month Wrap Up Now Available

Oct 3, 2023 |

If you were unable to attend last Thursday’s webinar, we highly encourage you to go back and watch the Sepsis Awareness Month wrap up recording. Co-led by Vala Hallgrimson and Katy Grainger, both sepsis survivors and advocates, this in-depth webinar provided valuable information on the signs of Sepsis and how to get involved with Sepsis Alliance not only in September but throughout the year. 

One of the facts that was shared is that Sepsis causes 14,000 amputations annually. Vala and Katy started off by sharing their individual experiences with Sepsis which resulted in amputation. In both stories, they highlighted the importance of T.I.M.E. and how early detection is critical to saving both lives and limbs. 

Katy, who is on the Board of Directors for Sepsis Alliance, talked about the important work that Sepsis Alliance does to increase awareness and discussed factors that contribute to many being harmed by this health crisis.  

Whether you have been directly impacted by Sepsis or you’re a part of the healthcare community, this comprehensive webinar is a great resource. 

View our upcoming educational webinars and access all previous recordings on our webpage or the Amputee Coalition’s YouTube channel.