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Implementation of the Amputee Coalition’s New Workforce Development Program

Aug 24, 2022 |

By: Trenaya Reid, Workforce Manager NLLRC

The Amputee Coalition will be introducing a new Workforce Development Program within its organization, working to assist individuals (including Veterans) within the limb loss/limb difference community with employment. The program will be designed to assist participants who are new to the workforce and/or those transitioning back into the workforce after an amputation(s).

My name is Trenaya, and I am the Workforce Manager for the Amputee Coalition. My primary role will be to build and implement trainings and resources for the Workforce Development Program. I have a personal interest in being an advocate and mentor for those within diverse backgrounds. Being a person within the limb difference community, I understand the apprehension when it comes to applying, starting a new job, and needing certain needs or accommodations. I also have professional experience with helping individuals of diverse backgrounds with employment for over seven years. I am excited to be able to introduce this new and exciting program and to assist participants that come through our organization with employment.

Within the Workforce Development Program, the Amputee Coalition aims to implement trainings and resources to help participants feel more confident with moving forward with their career paths. Within the program, we will be hosting webinars/workshops on different job-related topics, such as:

  • Resume/Cover Letter Building,
  • How to Prepare for Interviews,
  • Navigating Job Search Accounts, and more.

The organization is in the process of creating a job board where participants can upload their resume into a database system and apply for different job leads. In addition, the program will offer trainings and resources targeting employers who are interested in diversifying their workforce and hiring our program participants.

Recently, I had the opportunity to create a short video with Harleen Gupt. Harleen plays a significant role with the Amputee Coalition and its programs. Harleen and I discuss two plans of action, where individuals within the community can participate in our program. Watch the video below.

Individuals within the limb loss/limb difference community looking to begin working or transition back into the workforce can reach out to the National Limb Loss Resource Center (NLLRC) for resources and information. We also invite employers or small business owners looking to be involved within the Workforce Development Program to contact the NLLRC. Potential employers needing assistance in the transition process on how to make your organization more diversified, we are here to help.

To become involved in the Workforce Development Program or if you have any additional questions, we can be reached through phone at (888) 267-5669 or through email at