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World Anti-Microbial Resistance Week

Nov 24, 2021 |


As Anti-Microbial Resistance Week approaches, the Amputee Coalition wants to share a few points of knowledge to empower you to share your story.   

Defining Anti-Microbial Resistance and What is Anti-Microbial Resistance?  

Anti- Microbial Resistance occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites evolve so much that current medication used to treat related infections stop working. The result is the germs are not killed and continue to evolve and exist in the body.   

Why is AMR More Common?  

Many of the antimicrobial medicines we use to treat microbial infections have been around for years. As a result, patients have been treated using the same antimicrobial medicine. This along with not following the doctor’s instructions on how to consume the medication can make resistance worse. Antimicrobial resistance is becoming more common every day which can result in more of us not being able to treat infections with antibiotics. This is a problem that requires innovative solutions now.   

How does AMR affect the limb loss and limb difference community?  

Antimicrobial resistance directly impacts the limb loss and limb difference community.  Antimicrobial resistance can impact wound care and sepsis.   

Wound care is incredibly important after your surgery. Any wound from surgery can be at risk for becoming infected because the skin opening can allow germs or dirt to enter the bloodstream. Infections, especially antimicrobial resistance infections, from wound care can lead to further complications, surgery or even death if not treated correctly. For additional information, please visit:    

Sepsis is a cause of amputations, including quadruple amputations. Sepsis also results from and is a complication of amputation, by several different mechanisms. For additional information on sepsis, please visit the following link:    

Speak up and speak out by sharing your story on antimicrobial resistance with the Amputee Coalition at the link below!