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Efforts to Pass So Every BODY Can Move Legislation in New Jersey

Mar 28, 2024 |

Gio DiPersia carries his surfboard at CAF event

Photo credit: Chris Pedota, Today Network

Although the first introduction of New Jersey’s So Every BODY Can Move bill (S-1439 / A-3856) fell short in the last legislative session, it was reintroduced in January 2024. The bill passed the Senate on January 8 but did not get out of committee in the Assembly. Jane Havsy published a story (Morristown Daily Record) on the state’s fight for insurance coverage for an additional orthotic or prosthetic device for physical activity.  

As it stands, specialized equipment is not currently covered at all by insurance, leaving many with limb loss unable to run or do other activities they once enjoyed. “If the device(s) are determined to be medically necessary based on a diagnosis by a doctor or other licensed practitioner, they can be covered. It’s case-by-case depending on the situation,” said New Jersey Department of Human Services spokesman Tom Hester. “Medicaid and Medicare cover specialty equipment to support activities of daily living. Medical equipment required exclusively for sports would not be covered by either program.” 

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So Every BODY Can Move is an initiative founded on the belief that movement is medicine and that an active lifestyle can prevent many health-related issues from inactivity. Currently, five states (Maine, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois) have enacted legislation, (Maine, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois) have enacted legislation, and more than 20 are pursuing or have introduced legislation, including New Jersey.  

And the number of community members this impacts continues to rise. According to the Amputee Coalition’s newly commissioned study with Avalere, there are 5.6 Million++ Americans living with limb loss and limb difference. 

For kids like 13-year-old Logan Marmino, who need to get new prosthetics frequently as they grow, this legislation is paramount for enabling them to be physically fit. “(The bill) makes a world of difference for kids, especially, to be more active,” Logan said. “I wouldn’t be able to compete in baseball or even play at all if I didn’t have my running leg. It helps me to be more active, and able to compete with the other kids.” 

Visit So Every BODY Can Move’s new website to learn more about the initiative and how to get involved in your state.