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Amputee Coalition Supports So Every BODY Can Move Legislation in Minnesota

Nov 29, 2023 |

With five states who have already enacted So Every BODY Can Move legislation and more to follow in 2024, advocates for the movement are actively making their case across the country. As one of the four founding partners, the Amputee Coalition expressed their support in a joint letter for Minnesota (H.F. 3339/S.F. 3351) legislation that would advance coverage of custom O&P care.  

So Every BODY Can Move is a grassroots policy and advocacy initiative working to create equitable and life-changing access to O&P care necessary for physical activity for individuals with disabilities through state-by-state legislative change.  

Appealing to the Minnesota Department of Commerce Insurance Division, the letter states that more than 28,000 Minnesotans with limb loss and limb difference are facing a barrier due to a lack of coverage and affordability in state and state-regulated commercial health plans. This has led to out-of-pocket costs, risk of injury for those using an inappropriate device etc. and forced many to live sedentary lifestyles which pose additional physical and financial costs. 

Not only does the inability to be physically active negatively affect the individual in numerous ways but it also puts a strain on the nation’s healthcare economy. Urging the passage of Minnesota H.F. 3339/S.F. 3351, the letter also cites a study which suggests that activity-specific coverage may present significant long-term savings, as patients are able to reduce the costly consequences of sedentary living and reap the health outcomes physical activity provides. 

Having only one prosthetic for every activity doesn’t allow people with limb loss or limb difference to participate fully to the maximum extent possible. Activity-specific prosthetics are necessary for independence and passing So Every BODY can Move Legislation in Minnesota would be a victory for disability rights. 

View the full letter here.  Visit our Advocacy Letters to Policymakers webpage to view other letters the Amputee Coalition has endorsed. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our active Advocacy community on AC Connect!