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Amputee Coalition Supports Fairness in Social Security Act

Sep 11, 2023 |

Created to protect taxpayers from undue burdens, the Center for People with Disabilities (CPWD) shared their support for the Fairness in Social Security Act in a letter to Congressman Joe Neguse. This legislation was introduced to ensure Americans are not bearing the tax liability for government delays which has previously impacted people with disabilities disproportionately.

According to the CPWD, approximately 8.6 million Americans are currently enrolled in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as of June 2023. The Social Security Administration may issue a substantial lump-sum award to these individuals retroactive to the date the application was filed. However, under current IRS rules the payments are included in an individual’s annual taxable income calculation and can affect their ability to access other necessary benefits.

The CPWD states that it is essential for protections to be put into place to help correct an outdated tax policy which places undue burdens on people with disabilities forced to pay back to the IRS. This act would prevent this from happening by removing the inclusion of SSDI payments prior to the current tax year when calculating income.

If you would like to view the full letter it is available here. Visit our Advocacy Letters to Policymakers webpage to view other letters the Amputee Coalition has endorsed.