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Amputee Coalition Expresses Support for the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Patient-Centered Care Act

Aug 1, 2023 |

The Amputation Coalition recently provided a comment letter in support of The Medicare Orthotic and Prosthetic Patient-Centered Care Act (H.R. 4315) introduced on June 23, 2023, in the U.S. House of Representatives. The purpose of the act is to improve access to prosthetic and orthotic care for Medicare beneficiaries living with limb loss or limb difference through its major provisions.

This act will ensure orthotic, and prosthetic (“O&P”) patients have access to quality care by allowing certified O&P practitioners to provide off-the-shelf orthoses to their patients during the course of treatment. Also, it will reduce fraud and abuse in the Medicare O&P benefit by prohibiting “drop-shipment” of all custom-fitted and fabricated orthoses and all prostheses. Finally, it will eliminate delays to receive necessary replacement custom-fitted or custom-fabricated orthoses.

Specifically, this legislation will fundamentally ensure that patients are receiving the best quality care by licensed, credentialed, and trained professionals, guarantee that patient care is easily accessible, and reduce fraud and abuse that carries both a patient care and financial cost.

View the full letter here for additional details. We invite you to visit our Advocacy Letters to Policymakers webpage to view other letters the Amputee Coalition has endorsed.