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Advocacy Forum: Tell Your Story to Elected Officials

Dec 15, 2022 |

Word writing text Advocacy. Business concept for Profession of legal advocate Lawyer work Public recommendation Man holding megaphone loudspeaker orange background message speaking loudLimb loss is not uncommon, and it is becoming more prevalent every day. Living well with limb loss and ensuring that no amputee is alone are the fundamental tenets of the Amputee Coalition. Our volunteers and community advocates represent the limb loss and limb difference community and these tenets, using their voices to support relevant policies and legislation. During this year’s Advocacy Forum, participants will learn to express essential legislative priorities to their elected officials.  

Our goal is to provide participants with the tools, skills, and experience to tell their stories and to be effective advocates. Planned training sessions will cover various topics and address concerns and questions from those new to the advocacy arena.   

Are you ready to tell your story, impact lawmakers and legislation, and work to build a world where no amputee is alone? Your voice is vital for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Join us at the 2023 Advocacy Forum to make your voice heard and positively impact the future of amputees. 

Learn more about the Advocacy Forum and register today!