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AC News Flash – October 2023

Oct 19, 2023 |


Hear from President and CEO Cass Isidro and Board Chair John Register as they discuss the various resources, referral information, and support programs offered by the Amputee Coalition to help individuals with limb loss and limb difference. Through the Community Engagement Program, our organization has expanded its reach by acquiring 15 new hospital partners in the last six months. Our advocacy efforts remain strong as we grow trained advocates who actively engage with their representatives on policy and legislation issues in support of our community

The Amputee Coalition is fully committed to ensuring that no amputee is left behind and encourages viewers to get involved in their community in any way possible. Stay engaged with staff and other community members using AC Connect. Watch the video to learn more.


Are you connected? Become a community member by joining the Amputee Coalition today.Have you seen the Amputee Coalition’s new public service announcement campaign? Watch the Inspire to Elevate campaign now.