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Tonya Mooney


On Monday, July 18th, 2022, my family received a call stating that I had been in an ATV accident. I was driving home from a friend’s house, and the accident occurred around 10:30 PM. The first call to the Sheriff’s Department was about two hours later at 12:30 AM. A deer ran out in front of the ATV, and I swerved to dodge it causing the vehicle to roll over. I was ejected, and my right arm was trapped underneath the vehicle restricting me from everything but crying for help.

First responders transported me to the ER. After they assessed my injuries and realized the severity of them, I was then careflighted to a trauma hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. Injuries suffered were damage and breaks in my right arm, a laceration on my liver, a couple of broken ribs and scapula, bruised kidneys, a facial fracture, and a large amount of road rash and burns throughout my entire body. While there, I had eight different surgeries, most of which were in an effort to save my right arm. However, my muscles and other essential tissues kept deteriorating. After doing their absolute best to save my arm, the doctors explained to my family and me that we were in a “life over limb” situation. My internal organs were unable to keep up with the constant tissue breakdown, and my health was declining.

On Friday, July 29th, 2022, just eleven short days after the accident occurred, my life changed forever. I became a part of an elite group that I once never realized existed, but now I am an advocate for. My right arm was amputated from the shoulder down.

Twelve days post-amputation, I was moved to a rehabilitation hospital back home. I was there for ten days and then discharged to my home. After a couple of days of feeling lonely, broken, and lost at home, I was ready to get back to work, and I was back to work within just six weeks after the initial accident.

I am thankful for the individuals who took the time to create awareness for amputees. My ultimate goal is to be an advocate for children. I do not want them to experience the loneliness that I feel.

Almost exactly one year after my amputation, I received my myoelectric prosthetic, and I will be moving forward in this new journey learning to use and adapt to my prosthetic.

I encourage you to find your GRIT!