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Tina Swyers-Hartshorn


Asher was just 21 months old in July 2023 when he was a victim of violence that left him with a traumatic injury. Asher’s foot was barely hanging on. For a month, the surgeons in Cleveland Ohio worked tirelessly to save what was left of his foot. The pain Asher was in was extraordinary and the foot that was being built was not going to be functional and it would not grow so he would continue to have intense pain and multiple surgeries throughout his childhood. Amputation was the only real decision for his quality of life.

Since the below knee amputation, Asher has proven his strength and determination!! He lets nothing get in his way. Nothing stops him from doing what he wants to do or go where he wants to go! He climbs the ladder to the trampoline and the stairs to his big brothers bunk bed. He plays kickball by scooting after the ball on his bottom and kicking with his left leg. He jumps on the bed and jumps off the couch. He climbs up stools and chairs to stand with me at the counter while I prepare lunch or wash dishes. There isn’t anything he can’t do. He just turned 2 October 9th. He is on schedule to receive his first prosthetic leg on December 13th! We’re so excited to see how quickly he adapts to it and how far this baby will go!

I am Asher’s grandmother and he inspires me every day!