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Mary Terry


Hi. My name is Mary. Being an Amputee means more to me now than in the past. I say that because I am a left trans-radial congenital amputee. Growing up, I hated school and hid my left arm as much as possible because of bullying. Everywhere that I went, people would stare. My mom was even told that I couldn’t attend a particular school for the first grade due to the silver metal attachment on my body-powered arm. So, instead, I was enrolled in an unfavorable school where I got pushed down, hit, and made fun of every single day. My doctor had to write a note to the principal saying that I wouldn’t use my prosthesis as a weapon. I was finally able to enroll there, but it took almost a year.

It has taken me a while to not be depressed, have anxiety in public, and not be ashamed of my left arm. Getting my first myoelectric hand at the age of 17 helped me extremely, but there were still issues within myself that I needed to resolve. I needed to see me as my family saw me; not as strangers did. Looking in the mirror, I say, “I am enough.” God made me beautiful and wonderful!