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Marc Philipp


Marc PhilippHey, I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I’m Marc and I’m 28 years old. Today I’ll briefly tell you my story. When I was 14, I lost my hand during an internship at school. I rolled over with a tractor on a farm and my hand was so badly injured that it couldn’t be saved. After half a year I was released from the hospital. Without my family and friends, I would never have been able to cope with my accident so well and I am incredibly grateful to everyone for that. When I was around 16 years old, I first came into contact with weight training. But I always did it half-heartedly and the diet wasn’t right either. After I got married and we had three children together, I realized that I wanted to make a change. I wanted to find a balance, with twins aged 1 1/2 and an eight-year-old daughter, life is quite stressful. At the same time, I got a new sports prosthesis, which helps me to carry out my exercises ideally and even the weight of the exercises cannot stop me! It wasn’t always like that, the old prosthesis always set me back and demotivated me. In September 2023, my best friend, the personal trainer, suggested that I start weight training again. He offered to coach me, from nutrition to training. He monitored everything, he motivated me to take my 10k steps a day (most of the time it was 17k) and he taught me how to eat consciously and healthily. Since that day, I haven’t missed a workout, haven’t cheated on food a day, and have walked at least 17 thousand steps every day. My progress motivates me every day! In September I weighed 92 kg, after my first diet I had reached 77 kg, and I’ve been building up since then. My goal is no longer to be noticed just because of my handicap, but rather because of my body. “You are given compassion, you have to earn respect.”