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Kristi Deighton


Hi, my name is Kristi Deighton from Auburn, Nebraska. In October 2018 I started to have lesions. I went to a doctor’s appointment. I walked in fine. Then they ran some tests got a wheelchair and took me to the ER. I was going into septic shock and kidney failure. In November 2018 spent two weeks in a hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska pumped with lots of fluid. I still had lesions. It took three nurses to get me to calm down. I had edema in both feet. My husband saved my life. It hurt to walk on my right foot and yes I was using a walker.

In October 2019 I had a wound. A 3 cm deep, 1 1/2 cm wide hole that didn’t heal. When I came home my left foot had a big blister. One day it popped and I was fine. In October 2019 I found out that I had an infection in the bone. On December 17, 2019, I became a right below-knee amputee. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital after my amputation. I was very weak. I tried physical therapy and did stretches. I’m new at this amputee stuff. One night the bandage came off and I saw my limb for the first time. I was upset but I had a great nurse that comforted me. When I got home my husband took care of me. I was very weak. I slept in my chair for a while. In March 2020 I started physical therapy without a prosthetic. I sat too long and had to stretch my body out.

In August 2020 I got a prosthetic leg and did physical therapy for two months. I worked on balance and walking, stepping over a curb and walking in grass. I graduated too early and I didn’t learn to bend with prosthetic or how to handle stairs. I was on my own. My first socket was with a gel liner. One night I got a blister. I also had calf bone/tibia issues. I got padded and then nothing. Someone recommended revision and I got a second opinion. My other prosthetic guy switched me to just socks. I’m on my third socket wearing an 8ply sock.

I fell once using two canes. I am ok. I had a couple of bruises but I am back to using a walker. Yes, I’m afraid of falling. I’ve tried driving a couple of times but need more practice. I need knee surgery on my left knee. It is bent and I can’t straighten it much. I get cortisone shots and they help. I am on amputee zoom meetings. I have met a lot of amputees. Yes, I’m still learning about amputee stuff. I’m moving forward and doing my best.