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Keshia Pearman

Meningitis Survivor

Keshia Pearman in front of Telephone CallboxIn 2008, I came home from studying abroad and the next day was airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children. I had meningitis and went into septic shock. I had a 50-50 chance. I lost my legs in January 2009, a few days before my 21st birthday. 
It’s been a tiring process. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. 
I don’t think I’ll ever accept what happened to me. I miss my legs so much. A lot of people expect me to get over it or say, “well, this person did, so why not you?” I am, however, very grateful for surviving, meeting people I never would have become friends with if I had passed away. My mom and sister are the reason why I never gave up.