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Jocelyn Czapp


Jocelyn CzappOur daughter Sarah is 11 years old. She was born without her left leg and scoliosis. At the age of two the nurses and doctors told us to start ballet to help with her scoliosis, so she started dancing with her prosthetic when she was 2 years old. She has danced for the same dance company for the past 9 years and always chose to use her prosthetic. This past spring she and her dance teacher decided that she could try doing her dance solo with only her crutches and not her leg. She helped to choreograph parts of the dance with her dance teacher and came up with the music from The Greatest Showman– “This Is Me.”

When she went onstage for her recital that night and did her beautiful solo, the audience was so impressed with applause, tears, cheers and pride! We were so proud of her. She broke through barriers that night and showed everyone that she could dance on her one leg and do it so beautifully!

She is so courageous and embraces her disability with such grace and uses it to help others know that her disability does not stop her from being like everyone else. Embrace your differences and use them to show others how amazing you are because of them!

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