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Hollyn Gambill

Hi! My name is Hollyn and I am a sixteen-year-old right leg amputee. I was born missing the tibia bone in my right leg which required amputation at the knee. When I was almost three, I was fortunate enough to have this surgery provided by the Shriners’ Hospital for Children. Their team was skilled, patient and gave me excellent care. They’re still taking care of me thirteen years later.

As I grew older, had another surgery, and especially into my teen years, I found myself running into issues that didn’t always need a doctor’s visit. Things like how to shower when your leg is wrapped, how to navigate using crutches or a wheelchair, or how to deal with a sweaty gel liner when hiking. These are all personal questions I faced at one time or another. I was lucky to have other amputee friends to rely on but not everyone has that support system.

That is why, as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project, I’m creating @ampu_teens, an Instagram page for teens with limb loss or limb differences. I’m hoping this will be an online community where we can ask questions (and get honest answers from people who have been there!), share experiences and most importantly connect with others. I believe the best way to connect is through storytelling. That’s why Amputeens will focus on sharing stories about everyday teens and young people. Young people like you!

I will be scheduling, coordinating and interviewing people from all across the country. This will include amputees, teens who use mobility aids such as leg braces, and also prosthetists and other service providers.

If you would like to be featured on the AmpuTeens Instagram page we would love to hear your story! And even if you don’t, that’s totally okay! Just be sure to check out our Instagram page in April for the launch!