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Hillary Sussman

Hillary SussmanAdventures of Roxy Inclusive Book Series: Teaching Limb Difference Awareness & Kindness

My name is Hillary Sussman, I have been a physical therapist for over 24 years and I just published the Adventures of Roxy book series over the past year. This journey has been unexpected, yet the most fulfilling experience of my career to date. Both of my books; Roxy and Maliboo; It’s Okay to Be Different, and Roxy and Tully; Words Matter teach lessons about limb difference awareness, anti bullying, acceptance of differences, kindness, the power of words, and inclusion. This new path has allowed me to become a champion for the limb different community, and for all children living with any differences. As a therapist, I understand how challenging it can be both physically, socially, and mentally for children and families to even get through one day. My hope is to change a life, one book at a time, and If I can teach one child to gain confidence through Roxy’s messages, to walk with his/her head held high with more self-esteem, then it will be all worth it. In addition, If I can teach other children to be more respectful of those who are different, my hope is to tackle bullying. I feel grateful to be associated with the Amputee Coalition and to have their support. I will continue to work towards spreading Roxy’s messages to all communities, and plan to write more books teaching important life lessons. #WeTHRIVE.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my story, and I feel honored to be a part of this caring, amazing community.