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Ed Purcell

In 1967, there was a young boy riding his bicycle on the road, his mom was watching him as she worked in the flower bed. Then all of a sudden, a car approached and hit the young boy, as his mom watched it in fear. The doctors did not expect the boy to survive, because of the severe swelling of the brain, caused by a skull fracture. 

On 13 Mar. 2007, after a man left his workplace for the day, he was involved in a major head-on collision with another vehicle. While the jaws of life were set into motion, the rescue responders freed his crushed broken body from the mangled vehicle. He bled out internally and died, he was a Marine Corps Veteran. 

On 24 Dec. 2010, on Christmas Eve early that morning, a man gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom, he then falls forward face down, and hits his head directly on the porcelain ledge of the toilet. His wife quickly responds and finds her husband dead, she immediately applies (CPR) and saves his life. He was sent to the hospital’s intensive care unit; he received an Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator a week later. 

On 17 Feb. 2017, after 12 long years of battling constant annoying pain and with no quality-of-life insight, a man breaks ties with the medical personnel who treated him in the private medical industry, for those past 12 years.

As a veteran, he then joins the (VAMC) in Richmond, Virginia. His reasons were understandable for joining the VA after a total of 8 surgeries. He didn’t get the support that he needed for a possible amputation. 

Late one night a man had some type of a response, an answer for the years that he prayed for. The man could see himself running during an event, and heard loudly, two words that were repeated twice, “It’s Time, It’s Time.” The man woke up in a cold sweat, he then knew what he had to do. 

On 10 Jan. 2019, a man made his own decision to get a below the knee (BTK) amputation of his right foot, by the approval of a VA surgeon in Richmond, Virginia. 

As of today, there is a man from Louisa, Virginia. He is a 59 your old Marine Corps Veteran amputee marathon runner. He knows without any doubt how Health and Fitness influenced him, as he learned how to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome multiple obstacles during his entire life. 

I went 12 and a half years with a bad foot. After multiple infections and eight surgeries to repair brittle bone fractures, my cardiologist advised me to do something about it to prevent any ongoing cardiac issues. Gods got me here for a reason. I’ve died twice in my life. I’ve had three traumatic brain injuries and I keep going, I don’t quit. Superior mind, superior attitude. If you follow these words, you will get where you need to be. 

It has driven him to believe that nothing is impossible. 

He follows the three F’s… 

Fight- Persevere Through It 
Finish- Become Resilient 
Faith- Believe In Oneself