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Donald Every


I am 61 years old. I have been an Occupational Therapy Assistant for 25 years. April is also Occupational Therapy Awareness Month. I am. both a COTA and an RBKA. I lost my right leg due to a blood clot. September 5, 2018. I still do OT work PRN. But most of all I love to share my triumphs and successes with everyone who will listen.

I use it as a motivator for patients suffering from a self “woe is me.” I have never lost sight of my future destiny. Never complained, and have been more than blessed to have next to no phantom pains. They come occasionally for just a few seconds. I have learned that if I rub my stump,  “residual limb,” I can locate the nerve that triggers the pain and it disappears.

I have a strong support system with my family friends and church members. I enjoy meeting other amputees and maybe helping them through whatever situation they encounter. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” When we place our courage in a solid foundation, refuse to give up, accept the past, and set our goals for our future we become stronger. We stand together in a powerful united community, ready and willing to face challenges, proclaim victory, and support each other. We can not be slowed down, stopped, or discouraged. Our greatest strength resides in our minds. It is our determination to move forward. God bless us all.