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Cathi Uhles

Cathi UhlesContinuing the Push for Thriving Long Term

I have been a left below-knee amputee for over 10 years. I was 59 when, after two years of trying to save my leg from bone infection after a failed ankle fusion, the decision was made to amputate it below the knee. I have always worked on trying new things for me as an amputee. I have done hiking (I live in Colorado, where the outdoor recreation is amazing), 5K races, working out with a trainer, and various other things to keep active. However, over the last four years, my right foot (my “good” foot) has begun to deteriorate from arthritis and other causes, which leaves walking more than three-quarters of a mile very difficult.

Two years ago, I decided to try Pilates, which focuses on helping and working all the muscles of the body together so that they build good alignment and core strength. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do some of the exercises, but it has turned out to be a real encouragement to me by helping me to continue to thrive and be continually moving forward in my resilience story. #wethrive #LLLDAM #inspiretoelevate #amputeecoalition