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Anna Klecha

My Purple Leg Empowers Me To Elevate Others

My name is Anna, and I live in Poland. I was born with a leg deformity and used prosthetic equipment since early childhood. Four years ago I underwent a partial limb amputation, which allowed me to get a knee joint in my prosthetic leg for the first time in my life. It changed my mindset from that of a victim to that of a survivor and victor. 
My greatest passion is singing and songwriting. I am also a digital content creator (Instagram, Facebook, and occasionally TikTok), known as The Girl With a Purple Leg.” I hold a PhD in psycholinguistics. I used to work in academia and in business. Over the last year, I worked at a peer amputee support project modeled on the Amputee Coalition’s Peer Visitor Program, which gave me the opportunity to help 15 new amputees adapt to life after limb loss. 
I also like to think of myself as a disability, diversity, and inclusivity advocate. I have taken part in a number of social campaigns, the purpose of which has been to improve the image and increase the representation of people with disabilities in Poland. I am most likely the first woman with a prosthetic leg to have appeared in the Polish edition of Vogue magazine. 
The message I have been trying to put out there is that living with limb difference is a process of continuous change and adaptation, which can be very challenging at the beginning. However, only if you do not quit will you get to a better place. Persevere, achieve, and elevate others!