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Lori Abramson

Shoulda’ Bought a Lottery Ticket 😋

Synovial Sarcoma took my leg, above my knee, at age 44. A young man’s cancer, hmmmm.

Anyway, I got through the chemo and I think I am most the way through the detox. I am starting to think more clearly and my hair is growing back. I get my knee in the next couple of weeks and I am very excited to get back to hiking more efficiently. You would think this would be my story, and you are right.

However, there is more.

The real story is about the people I met along the way. The amazing doctors, the nurses that were so kind and loving and protective of me, the support staff that always greeted me with a smile. These people are my friends two years later. There are the relationships that were healed and the relationships that went away. There is the new normal. There is the Prosthetist and his staff that are almost as excited as I am to get me in my new leg. There is far more positive than negative. There is far more healing than hurt. There is far more hope than despair. There is more learning and growing and supporting and loving than I ever dreamed I would be a part of. Through it all, I am blessed.