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James McCarthy

My Wife’s Story

I am writing to tell the story of my wife, Alice. Alice and I will be married 59 years this June. Alice had to have both legs amputated below the knee eight years ago, one week apart. The primary cause was poor circulation due to CREST syndrome. Alice is an inspiration to our family and friends because of her spirit. Watching the everyday struggles she endures is difficult, especially because her disease and amputations have taken away so many things she enjoyed. That being said, we do what we can to enjoy each day together. Traveling is difficult, but we do manage day trips by auto. We can’t imagine dealing with air travel and the use of airplane bathrooms.

Most people our age are dealing with challenges, so we consider ourselves lucky to have lived to enjoy our grandchildren and even three great-grandchildren. Our fear now is that changes will be made to Medicare that will limit the care she needs with her prosthetist and healthcare in general.