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Douglas Dahlke

Douglas DahlkeI Don’t Get Motorcycles Anymore

I’ve put to bed more motorcycles than most people get cars. I should have learned when one damaged me the first time. Fortunately I came away with just a broken arm and a dislocated hip. So what did I do? I got a bigger motorcycle. The thing was huge and bright candy apple red. Apparently the lady “didn’t see me” and I woke up a month later after extensive surgeries. I came away with tons of screws and rods and an amputated leg just above the knee. Sure I was afraid and depressed, but with the help of friends and others I gradually learned to get into a wheelchair, then tried using a mechanical knee to get used to the idea I guess. Wasn’t much longer after months of PT I got my first MP (microprocessor) knee. I’ve since worn that one out and am on my third knee. The key to this was my being stubborn. I’m not that old, and I have things to do, like help raise my grandson.

I was asked to visit people in our hospital weekly, and to me that’s rewarding, even if they aren’t an amputee.

I came away from my experience with this attitude. I was once worried and scared about what was going to come next but not anymore. I had a lot of help getting to where I am, and I know others can do it as well. That’s why I visit amputees.