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Donivan Leslie

Donivan LeslieSomething to BELIEVE in

Hello, my name is Donivan Leslie. I lost both of my legs on August 5, 2016 in a motorcycle accident. It wasn’t until months later that I realized I had lost belief that my country took care of its own to its fullest ability. It has been nine months. I have had many bills from my beloved system that I so believed in; I have struggled to keep insurance, especially since I haven’t been able to work, which means I have had to pay COBRA, where you have to pay an enormous amount each month. All that I had saved is gone and is causing my family to struggle more, just to let me try and live as close to a life as so many just wake up to and take for granted, like I did for 39 years. I have seen people receive disability for nonphysical, mental disabilities that didn’t affect their lives nearly as much as mine, and they got approved on the first try. I lost my legs. I will never be the same mentally or physically. I have definitely not been able to earn income since my accident. The system I believed in so much my whole life has denied me twice; this has made it very difficult to improve equipment, by always questioning my status and prolonging processes. I LOST MY LEGS….I AM DISABLED, COMPARED TO WHAT WE CALL ABLED.

DO I WANT A HANDOUT?  NO. I WANT HELP. I didn’t deny my country 22 years of my earned money to taxes so it could help OUR OWN. Stop being selfish and help us. The few resources we have cannot get us to a reasonable destination if there are unnecessary forks in the road. This is not a game. Don’t you think we have LOST enough?