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Darwin Eckert

My Life Today as a LBK

Where to begin! My story is just that, my story. I lost my leg from complications with attempting a total ankle replacement. The Doctor ordered the “smallest” ankle prosthetic that they made. Unfortunately it was too large and he attempted to make it work. It obviously didn’t or I wouldn’t be sharing this you today. My leg was amputated 4 years ago last February. I don’t know how to convey how much my life has changed and how in my “mind” I feel like I am a freak. I don’t know if it’s suffering PTSD or just from knowing for over 4 months I was able to say goodbye to a major limb of my body. Well etc.etc.etc. Life is not going great for me at this time. But it is OK. God bless everyone and positive energy to the non-believer.