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Vincent Cinelli

I’m an above-knee amputee, due to a traumatic accident in 2008. I maintain a very active lifestyle, and from time to time experience issues with my prosthesis, fitment, etc. My prosthetist recently began processing me for a new socket, knee and foot. I’ve used my current setup for over two years and have just been denied by UHC because I haven’t reached the insurance company’s three-year outline for equipment. I have been using a mechanical knee for many years and have suffered numerous falls with it. My prosthetist felt that I could benefit from a microprocessor knee that would help reduce falling. I happened to be present at my prosthetist’s office when we were denied by UHC because I hadn’t been on this knee for three years yet. I was very discouraged with this, due to the fact that my falling wasn’t even a consideration for UHC. My prosthetist made an exceptional argument for the replacement, but it fell on deaf ears (denied). I’m sure the number of amputees being denied is far greater than anybody realizes, and this situation needs attention.