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Ron Witkowski

God’s love works in wonderful ways

In 2016 I began living life as an amputee. At first, I thought the devil tried to turn it into a setback, but God said, “Oh no you don’t, it’s a setup.” I began to live life differently, feeling blessed that I could do life’s endeavors but in a different way.

From that day forward, I would go out to the car, put my wheelchair in; and go where I needed to go. I didn’t want help with the doors, but I came to a point later in my life where I let people help me a little. And then I lost my van in an accident and decided to give up driving.

Being an amputee is a new way of life, but it doesn’t mean life ends. If you fail, never give up, because failing is just a first attempt in learning. The end is not the end; in fact, it means Effort Never Dies. If you get “No” as an answer, just remember that “No” stands for Next Opportunity.

God wants you to know that all things are possible through Christ, who strengthens them (Philippines 4:13).

I’m looking at another surgery in the future to remove more of my leg. But it is not the end of mystory! One door closes, another one opens.