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Nick Di Lorenzo

My Amazing Story

Hello, my name is Nick. I am now “early” into my senior years of life.

I was diagnosed at 15 years old, with type 1 diabetes. After absorbing the shock of that news and meeting with several physicians, I went through all the routine orientation and training sessions, including diet, testing blood sugars, insulin, etc. From there, it was about day-to-day living and seeking a good life. Eventually and years later I developed kidney issues related to diabetes. My nephrologist pushed me regularly, to get on a “wait” list for a kidney transplant.

Many months and many medical screening tests later, I got a phone call from a hospital in WI, telling me a kidney organ became available to me. They told me to get up there right away! Upon arrival, they rushed me into a short discussion with the Head transplant surgeon and then later received a “very fortunate” kidney-pancreas transplant from a cadaver donor. This resulted in no longer having diabetes, after 40 years! Wow!

Six years later I developed a sore on my left foot. After seeing several physicians, it was determined to be a “so-called” diabetic ulcer on the bottom of my foot. So, despite having a “new” kidney and pancreas, I did have the residual effects from my prior 40-year diabetic history. It also caused the development of vascular and peripheral artery disease. (PAD). Later, in 2012, I received an LBK amputation. I am currently a volunteer for a local non-profit in FL, helping to provide prosthetics to individuals who cannot afford the costs. I am also a volunteer with the ACA, as a Certified Peer Visitor. When appropriate and possible I am able to share my experiences with other diabetics and amputees. One of my life missions is to advocate for PAD Awareness for diabetics and their families. I encourage them, of course, to speak with their physicians for more information.

From a fellow amputee, still living a good life.